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20-23cm Skinny Namji Doll - Black

The Namji doll is a distinctive doll with a hand carved wooden base, beaded or fabric body and is decorated with Cowrie shells. These are a striking piece of African art to add to any space with a fascinating history. A traditional doll from the Namji people of Cameroon, has a unique appearance that reflects the rich history of the tribe. They are not mass produced but created by individuals and this results in a rustic product with quirks and variations that add to its authenticity.

While most dolls are often seen as toys, these dolls were most widely used to gift brides on their wedding day. They are believed to provide the bride with fertility, a healthy pregnancy and a safe birth.

Namji dolls are often passed down to a young daughter who would treat it like a baby, carrying it on her back and playing with it while learning about childcare. It is also considered to be a good luck charm.

Namji dolls come in all different sizes, shapes and colours and are as individual as the person purchasing them. They will certainly add charm and beauty to any place you find to showcase them in your home.